Ramesh Sarva Circular: Estate Planning in USA

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I hope you are taking every measure to transfer all your assets in USA to your “Family Limited Liability Company (FLLC)”, gift away permissible 10 million dollars to your future generations in the form of stock in the FLLC, while we still give you absolute freedom in the matter for life (between you and your spouse).

We are proud to be pro-active in this regard.

1- When you file a gift tax return for the year of 2014, the IRS will systematically request an evaluation of real property transferred to the FLLC. We tend to retain an appraiser in each State where we have clients, and getting a formal appraisal done. We pay them on your behalf, for which you are to be billed later. We can negotiate the discount fee for ‘the amount of work done’.

2- We will prepare the necessary paperwork for deed for the transfer of title and send you which should be physically signed and sent back to us.

3- We will be providing you with letters, each for your bank and brokerage accounts. We only need you to sign in the appropriate places and mail it back to the bank or the broker to have the name changed. 

Kindly cooperate with us to make sure that we can accomplish this task without much delay.  I cannot emphasize the benefits of avoiding estate taxes enough.


Ramesh Sarva

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