Ramesh Sarva Circular: How to see world on the cheap!

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Every first generation American travels to see other parts of the world at least once in every two years.

When the kids are reaching near adulthood, they will most likely to refuse to travel with you. If you include travel to other countries on your way to home country, they jump on the tour.

For example, I took Turkish Airways to India. They allowed us to break our journey in Istanbul, (Mesopotamia) Turkey.

We flew on Aeroflot another time, and took a break in Moscow for 4 days.

Simply never take the airline of your destination country. Always fly on a different airline that serves your destination. Because for a few hundred dollars more, you cover one more country. So far, I have seen 53 countries.

Please note this circular is coming to you as a voluntary service to Physician community, of which my spouse is a part of. My 36 years of career as CPA is mostly with Physician clients only. Please feel free to call with any queries, or email your queries. I will return with answers as soon as possible. Thank you.


Ramesh Sarva

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