Ramesh Sarva Circular: Imposters pretend to be from IRS and claim tax arrears: Beware!

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Several clients have complained that they received a phone call from the IRS claiming they owe some taxes.

IRS never makes phone calls asking for money. They send three notices by certified mail. Then they send a “Notice of Intent to Levy” if we do not respond. These letters are usually ten days or more apart and give enough time for the taxpayer to respond by “mail only”.

At no time will the IRS call for a notice. To check your identity, they will ask you to spell your name, and give your social security number.

Do not panic! The fake callers are trying to steal your identity and use it to their advantage.

Please say your husband/wife is not home. Take a number to call back.

Never give your home address, spouse’s name, social security number, date of birth, etc. No personal information on the phone, please!

When you send us emails with such information, you should give the information in two or three separate emails. Name of dependent in one email. Social security number in another email, and so on. Hacking is rampant.

We will be happy to receive the information in more than one email. Your security is important to us.


Ramesh Sarva

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