Ramesh Sarva Circular: No Social Security Liability During Internship, Residency and Fellowship

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Good News!

Internal Revenue Service published a News Release (copy attached) IR-2010-25 on March 2nd, 2010. Prior to April 1st, 2005 Internship, Residency and Fellowship in hospitals is exempted from FICA tax as a STUDENT EXCEPTION.

You must submit a claim to IRS. Within 90 days, IRS will contact hospitals Universities where you did Internship, Residency and Fellowship and trace it from archives of Social Security Administration which gave the name of your employer hospital during those years. Then, your refund claim will be processed.

We can help you submit this claim to IRS which could fetch as much as $30,000.

Provide us the following information for each of the ‘fiscal years’ when you did your Internship, Residency and Fellowship:

Your Name;

Social security number;

Home address;

July 1st,    – Dec 31st;

Name of Hospital, City & State;

Jan  1st,     Jun 30th;

Name of Hospital, City and State;

Amount you earned on your W-2 (if known, but not important!).

Most of you will not have the annual W-2 information. You can find it very easily. Please call the toll free number for Social Security administration (800-772-1213) and request for your “Earnings Record”. They will mail you the record of earnings by the year from year one of your employment to date (2012). Furnish the information, we will do the rest.


Ramesh Sarva

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